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Published 2023
163 pages
Love Your Selling Style

A career in new home sales offers an exciting variety of rewards! To maintain the highest level of success and fulfillment over an entire career, create a selling style that is fueled by relaxed confidence, enjoyment, and purpose which is contagious to your customers. In Love Your Selling Style, Richard Tiller and Phil McShan explain a step-by-step strategy for bringing each stage of the selling process to life through your own uniquely impactful style.

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Published 1999
103 pages
Five Powers that Lead to Fulfillment

We all possess five powers that can help us achieve fulfillment in our careers and in our lives. Our level of fulfillment is determined by the choices we make for using these powers. Each of the five powers is explored in a separate chapter that explains the power and illustrates how it can be used to its fullest strength.

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Published 2009
148 pages
New Home Sales: The Basics and the Magic

Previous books have covered the basics of selling new homes that can make a salesperson successful. This is the first to also explore the special magic that can make a salesperson extraordinary. Rich Tiller and Suzanne Neff combine their 70 years of experience in the home building industry to explain what the magic of new home sales means, how to develop it, and how to combine it with the basics to reach the highest level of success.

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Published 2014
173 pages
Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus

If you will ever have to face another tough conversation, this book was written for you.

Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus offers a Biblical perspective on how to anticipate and engage in these encounters in a way that will achieve the best results for everyone involved.

The key to success in tough conversations lies in the heart.  Skills are important, too, but if you have the right heart for tough conversations, the skills come more easily.

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Published 2007
224 pages
Motivation from the Heart

People experience motivation at its deepest level when they believe in themselves and in their purpose. They demonstrate deep motivation through a desire to improve every day. Motivational leaders arouse this belief and desire in the hearts of those they lead. They are the leaders that people want to follow.

Motivation from the Heart by Richard Tiller and Paul Renker paints a vivid portrait of a motivational leader. It defines a motivating mindset and then describes how to transform this mindset into action—how to bring motivation to life through strong, compassionate leadership.

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