The surest way to bring out the best in the people you lead, and then keep them inspired to perform consistently at their highest level, is to create a Culture of Positive Influence. In this culture, leaders strive to give positive influence to employees, and employees strive to give it to each other. It’s not just a leadership quality, it’s a team quality. Creating a Culture of Positive Influence makes leadership more enjoyable, fulfilling and successful. It results in leaders that people want to follow, and a team that top contributors don’t want to leave. Richard Tiller’s passion is to support you in this pursuit.

We often think of empowerment as having the authority we need in order to fulfill our responsibilities.  But empowerment at its highest level is confidence in our ability to give something of value to someone else – something that improves their life.  To put it another way, we feel empowered when we believe that what we give

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Every year our technology for communication advances, but communication remains a challenge.  In fact, the stress that comes from inadequate communication seems to be rising.  It’s hard to blame technology when we’re the ones who create and operate the technology, and yet it’s hard to blame humanity when a lot of our communic

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Richard Tiller
Since 1991 Richard Tiller has assisted companies in their corporate cultures, especially by coaching managers, salespeople, and people who work in operations, service, finance and support. Prior to 1991 he spent 20 years in the home building industry creating a successful career in sales and management. He is also the author of a variety of books on leadership, sales, fulfillment, and conflict resolution, several of which are described in the “Books” section of this website. He is known especially for helping leaders and employees one-on-one in ways that enrich team culture as well as individual achievement. Read More