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Published 2014
173 pages

If you will ever have to face another tough conversation, this book was written for you.

Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus offers a Biblical perspective on how to anticipate and engage in these encounters in a way that will achieve the best results for everyone involved.

The key to success in tough conversations lies in the heart.  Skills are important, too, but if you have the right heart for tough conversations, the skills come more easily.

The biggest obstacle to success in tough conversations is fear.  Eliminating fear changes everything.  This book explains how to replace fear with courage, anxiety with calm, weakness with strength, insecurity with confidence, and pessimism with optimism.

Tough conversations have been some of the most difficult challenges that human civilization has faced throughout its history. Yet they also provide unique opportunities for resolution and transformation that cannot be achieved any other way.  Learn how to embrace tough conversations from a position of strength, and see how the right heart for these encounters will help you in other areas of your life as well.