Since 1991, Richard Tiller has conducted more than 10,000 one-on-one coaching sessions to help salespeople sharpen their skills and their mental game in order to achieve new breakthroughs in their individual performances.
He works with each salesperson individually to address their specific needs, whether in technique, confidence, perspective, mental toughness, or sales challenges. His primary goal in his coaching is to increase conversion rate.

The salesperson is the client, and Richard serves as their personal consultant. In preparation for each session, clients create an agenda for addressing their specific challenges – the hurdles they must overcome in order to increase their conversion rate. 

The experience Richard has gained from coaching full time for so many years with so many salespeople, following his own successful 20-year career as a salesperson and manager, along with the books he has written, give Richard a special kind of credibility with rookies and veterans alike.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Building a resolution-focused temperament.
  • Building a leadership role in the selling relationship that customers want in a salesperson.
  • Identifying and maximizing “viable selling opportunities.”
  • Building and maintaining momentum in the selling process.
  • Selling from a position of strength in any situation.
  • Building the right kind of mental toughness.
  • Building customers’ confidence for making decisions more easily, quickly, and with the kind of certainty that reduces cancellations.
  • Creating a buying experience that wins sales from the competition.

The potential return on investment for Richard’s unique service is extremely high, since he provides the kind of training that goes deeper than other sales training.

He also serves sales managers in strengthening their coaching and managing skills.

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