I’m Richard Tiller, and I invite you to become a member of the Network for Cultures of Positive Influence. This is a network for people who are committed to creating or contributing to a culture of positive influence in their organizations. It exists for the purpose of having a place to exchange ideas. There is no commitment of time or money. You may join for whatever period of time you would like.

In addition to offering a place to exchange ideas with other leaders who value a culture of positive influence, I'm offering several other benefits to everyone who wants to check out this network:

  1. Weekly blog articles that appear on this website will be sent directly to you so you will get them as quickly as possible. Each of these articles provide specific tools for creating a culture of positive influence in your organization.
  2. I would be pleased to donate an hour of my time at no charge to assist you personally in your efforts, up to the first 50 who request. This is entirely at your option.
  3. One of the resources I offer is a series of seven 40-minute videos with a workbook to accompany them. The cost of the package is $299, and again is entirely at your option. For those who do purchase it, I will include an additional 2 hours of support time to whoever would like it.

My goal is that these services will provide meaningful support for leaders who are committed to creating a culture of positive influence.

For your convenience, communication will be through email so you won’t have to check the website for responses. Everyone who joins will be added to the email list so that everyone will know who is receiving the emails. You may correspond with the entire group, or with any individuals you choose.

If you would like to participate in this network, I request that you provide your name, the company you work for, your position in the company, the name of the town where you work, and your email. This is the information that will be shared.

I look forward to sharing ideas and experiences with you so that we can all increase our success.


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