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Since 1991, I have conducted more than 8,000 one-on-one coaching sessions with salespeople to help them reach their next level of excellence in new home sales. My individual coaching provides the missing piece of their sales training that generic training is unable to provide. It sharpens their skills and their mental game at the same time. This training format offers additional benefits in today's market, where attitude, perspective and self-confidence are as important as skill.

Benefits for today's market include:

  • Individual Focus. The salesperson is the client, and I am their personal consultant. In preparation for our meeting, salespeople create an agenda for addressing their greatest challenges - the hurdles they must overcome in order to be more successful.

  • Confidence for Selling in a Buyer's Market. In addition to time-tested sales techniques, we focus on specific skills and attitudes that build confidence for selling in today's challenging conditions. Salespeople will sell more homes from a greater position of strength.

  • Overcoming Objections. We address specific objections each salesperson faces at their community.

  • Credibility. The experience I have gained from doing this for so many years with so many salespeople, in addition to my own sales and management experience in three previous housing recessions (early 70's, 80's and 90's), along with the books I have written, give me a special credibility with rookies and veterans alike.

  • Affordability. During these times of tight budgets, my one-on-one coaching is very affordable. My fee for a 5-day week is $5,000 plus travel expenses (air fare, hotel and rental car). I can work with one to four salespeople each day. I can meet with two people at a time if they are working at the same community or facing the same challenges.

The potential return on investment for my service is extremely high, since I provide a type of training that goes deeper than other sales training. The most noticeable differences that my coaching produces are a higher level of confidence and higher conversion rates. I also assist managers in refining their coaching skills. My one-on-one sales coaching has produced consistently outstanding results with companies of all sizes in all market conditions for the past 20 years.

For more information please call me at 703-283-3902 or e-mail