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NEW HOMES SALES: The Basics and The Magic

Published 2009
148 pages
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The Basics and the Magic

Previous books have covered the basics of selling new homes that can make a salesperson successful. This is the first to also explore the special magic that can make a salesperson extraordinary. Rich Tiller and Suzanne Neff combine their 60 years of experience in the home building industry to explain what the magic of new home sales means, how to develop it, and how to combine it with the basics to reach the highest level of success.

Topics include:
  • How to connect with customers (and what connecting really means in new home sales).
  • How to project the five demeanors that customers want to see in a salesperson: confidence, enthusiasm, joy, purpose and relaxation.
  • How to develop the right attitudes and temperament for new home sales.
  • How to sell on all three levels of the decision making process: emotional, rational and intuitive.
  • How to engage customers in a way that keeps them on track and wanting to move forward.
  • How to develop a leadership role with your customers.
  • How to win sales from your competition.
  • How to create urgency.
  • How to turn objections into sales.
  • How to be a strong closer.
  • How to create your own unique selling style that will enable you to sell more powerfully and increase your conversion rate.

The first two chapters explore the magic of new home sales and the mental side of selling. The next four chapters bring the basics and the magic together so you can get the most out of each stage of the sale: greeting, demonstration, handling objections and closing.

About Suzanne Neff

Suzanne NeffSuzanne Neff has been involved in the home building industry for over 25 years. During that time she has had the pleasure of working throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas with sales teams in some of the most challenging conditions. She currently heads a consulting business, Suzanne Neff and Associates, which specializes in tailoring sales programs to meet the needs of each specific builder and market. Her services include hiring and building sales teams as well as training and coaching them to meet their full potential.