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Published 2007
224 pages
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Motivation from the Heart

People experience motivation at its deepest level when they believe in themselves and in their purpose. They demonstrate deep motivation through a desire to improve every day. Motivational leaders arouse this belief and desire in the hearts of those they lead. They are the leaders that people want to follow.

Motivation from the Heart by Richard Tiller and Paul Renker paints a vivid portrait of a motivational leader. It defines a motivating mindset and then describes how to transform this mindset into action—how to bring motivation to life through strong, compassionate leadership.

An outline of the book's contents...

1. What is Motivation?
2. Motivational Leadership

3. Belief
4. Energy
5. Creating an Environment of Joy
6. Motivation with High Standards
7. Direction and Empowerment

8. Building Team Self-Confidence
9. Teaching Relaxed Focus
10. Teaching Mental Toughness

If you have a passion for motivation and a vision to instill that passion in the hearts of those you lead, this book was written for you.


renkerPaul Renker’s success as a salesperson led to an outstanding career as vice president of sales for a major national home builder. There he established a reputation for providing the kind of leadership that motivates and produces excellent results in all market conditions. His success as a leader has been credited largely to his ability to motivate those he leads to a high level of belief in themselves and in their purpose, and by living the principles of leadership which are taught in this book.