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New Home Sales Management

Known across the United States as the complete how-to textbook for new home sales managers.

With an enormous wealth of experience in sales, management and training between them, Rich Tiller and Bonnie Alfriend have combined their resources to explore the following topics as outlined in the Table of Contents . . .


1. "What Have I Become?"
2. How to Become an Effective Leader
3. Building a Team
4. How to Lead a Sales Meeting
5. Discipline in Sales Management
6. Managing Your Time


7. Give Your Team a Head Start
8. How to Provide Complete Sales Training
9. On-Site Coaching


10. Creating a Motivational Environment
11. Compensation, Contests and Incentives
12. Handling Slumps and Burnout on Your Sales Team


13. Managing New Home Salespeople: Is This the Life for You?

As an Appendix, this book also includes a six-session training program that can be taught in-house.

The six sessions are as follows . . .

1. Generating Momentum – Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Positioning
2. The First Ten Minutes
3. Overcoming Objections – Creating Value
4. Demonstrating Models
5. Showing Homesites
6. Closing

Published 1996
355 pages
$27.95 (+ $2.00 shipping)

($20.00 for orders of 10 or more)