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Selling with Momentum

Selling with Momentum

Written twelve years after Success in New Home Sales, this book takes principles taught there to the next level with insights and examples gained from thousands of on-site coaching experiences. It adds many new ideas for increasing your conversion rate, and also includes a chapter on customer management.

This is an outstanding how-to book for each step of the selling process, and for handling the variety of challenges a salesperson encounters along the way. Selling with Momentum explores how the most successful salespeople think, and how they transform their thoughts into words and skills. If we know how to think, we can figure out how to act and what to say. Selling with Momentum explores the thoughts and skills that enable top salespeople to win sales and separate themselves from their competition.

The book’s chapter titles are as follows . . .

1. A Success Mentality
2. Building Relationships with Customers
3. Creating Value
4. Handling Objections
5. Showing Your Homes
6. Showing Home Sites
7. Closing the Sale
8. Follow Up
9. Managing Customers
10. Conquering Slumps

Additional topics explored in these chapters include . . .

• How to establish momentum at the greeting, and then keep it accelerating throughout the sale.
• How to establish a position of leadership throughout the sale.
• How to sell from a position of strength under any circumstances.
• How "Concept Selling"
increases your impact.
• How to identify and fulfill your customer's needs.
• How to manage customers effectively – before and after the contract.
• How to create a more enriching experience for every prospect.
• How to advance the sale from one stage to the next, and maximize the opportunities of each stage.
• How to survive the up-and-down nature of the sales profession.

Published 2003
158 pages
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